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www.PTArtsCafé.co.uk is an online digital platform that will offer a safe, social, creative, virtual space for the community in Port Talbot to meet and communicate. It is built and available for the artistic community in Port Talbot to share performance, art and music. 

The idea is that through the platform, people can express themselves creatively and then creatively collaborate with others for mutual benefit and enjoyment. Our ambition is to foster the rich seam of ability that exists in Port Talbot and encourage artistic expression by creating a community of interest, for like-minded people to float ideas and generate a collective voice that is original, indigenous, participatory, self determined and responsive to community needs. In it, creativity, artistic expression and learning are promoted; through it, contributors become engaged and empowered; by it, the issues of isolation and mental wellbeing brought on by the Covid pandemic, are recognised and dealt with through befriending, inclusion, companionship and sharing. 

Ultimately, as lockdown restrictions are lifted, social distancing eased and life returns to semblances of normality, in an effort to further encourage community harmony, unity and cohesion we hope that, in consultation and collaboration with local groups and civic leaders, the community will use the platform to organise events and exhibitions at various venues around the town, to further promote artistic talent and help generate much needed income for local businesses.  

The idea for the project came to us during the height of the Covid-19 crisis when we were approached to create a community resource to nullify some of the pandemic’s most pernicious and long lasting effects.  

 We would like to thank The National Lottery for their most generous support, to Lottery players everywhere, without whom this project would not be possible and lastly but not least, our MP Stephen Kinnock, for having the foresight to create and organise his Funding Fairs, without the introduction of which none of this would be possible.

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