Photography Competition – ‘Sunset Over Santo’

Since the advent of the camera, sunsets are one of the most photographed natural events in the world. Here in Port Talbot we can justifiably claim to have some of the most spectacular sunsets in the world. Santo Portablo’s ‘Golden Hour’ may be the result of copious amounts of iron oxide in the atmosphere but to watch one, as someone most eloquently said, is to connect to the divine. 

This great town has a long association with photography. One of the earliest photographs taken in Wales was of Margam Castle by the Rev. Calvert Jones as far back as March 1841. Were he alive today, I’m sure that the Rev. Calvert would be lining up to enter our competition.  

Generously sponsored by Santo Portablo, the company with the 3 stars, a £100 cash prize plus one of their now famous ‘Sunset over Santo’ T-shirts is being offered for the best sunset over Port Talbot photograph entered into the competition. 

 Entry is easy. You just have to email your photograph to: , with your name, address and contact details and complete the entry declaration. Entry is limited to 1 photograph per person,  the photo must be of sunset over Port Talbot, it could have been recently taken or one taken some time ago but it must be free of any and all copyright or image rights issues, it can be yours or someone else’s as long as you have their permission to enter it and they acknowledge and are in agreement with the competition’s Terms & Conditions. By entering you acknowledge that your photograph will be available for use by PTArtsCafe on with no charge or restriction on its usage. 

The competition will close at midnight on Wednesday 22nd September, after which time, your entries will be judged and the winner announced. Runners-up prizes will be announced in due course but will include some of Santo Portablo’s range of ‘Sunset over Santo’ branded merchandise. 

Photo above from: @ulovejoshua

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