Every Superhero has his sidekick and the 505 Collective’s Robin Boy Wonder, working diligently from the Batcave, is the incomparable Jonny Lovejet aka The Cable Guy.

A well known character in Santo Portablo’s Latin quarter, Lovejet gives the appearance of having dressed after committing a torchless, midnight burglary in the Oxfam Shop. A true indigenous native of our great town, Lovejet is both an alumni of Duffryn School and Afan College where he matriculated in Injun Earing. This could of course be ‘Engineering’ but like many of us, Lovejet has difficulty in spelling ‘OXO’ backwards.

A sabbatical from Ol’ Smokey Town in the Mediterranean, working in the bars of the Aegean Peninsula and surrounding islands, gave him a different perspective on life, especially nightlife. Here, to the accompaniment of the balalaika and smashing plates, his love of music and kebabs took hold. To the rhythms of Nana Mouskouri and Demis Roussos, the sound that is distinctly Lovejet took shape.

It may be fate but being run over in a motor accident saved the Eurovision Song Contest from having its first Greco-Welsh contestant. Following a return to the ‘sleepy fishing village’ of Port Talbot, what followed was real life and 24 years of becoming your friendly Cable Guy for one of the UK’s top 2 suppliers to the domestic market.

An avid gig-goer, music aficionado and follower, a chance phone call and encounter with the 505 Collective’s head honcho following internet failure during the first Covid-19 lockdown, opened the door for Lovejet in his capacity as The Cable Guy, to enter the music industry. A loan of equipment, a trial run, popular approbation and a love of performing and hey presto, DJ Jonny Lovejet lives.

The thrill of performing with the 505 Collective as his platform, great playlists and the audience reach provided by live streaming, pushed Lovejet into capex expenditure on equipment and software. Jonny Lovejet now lives and he rocks becoming a permanent feature on the airwaves and building a sound reputation and a solid following among the 505 faithful.

What more can we say about this enigmatic and colourful character? He lists his idea of foreplay as taking his socks off and his hobbies include writing ‘sorry letters’ to his wife and begging but he is fun, he’s also funny and his sets provide great listening and real entertainment. With lockdown lifting, we are going to see and hopefully hear much more from the iconic Jonny Lovejet in a venue near you.