About The Platform

PT Arts Cafe is an online digital platform that looks to offer a safe, social, creative, virtual environment for individuals to connect with their community, create and renew social networks, learn new skills, be entertained and have fun. The result of the above is a multi-faceted, collaborative, phased, project, that seeks to bring increased coordination across a range of individuals and diverse local organisations within the town of Port Talbot, to foster stronger bonds, widen support networks, aid social cohesion and encourage much needed intergenerational respect. 

The objective is to create a virtual meeting space for and by the community in Port Talbot, its diaspora and like minded individuals from around the world to share performance, art and music and in time, photographs, poems, videos, online streaming, workshops, tutorials, challenges, online events, forums and discussion, where people can express themselves creatively and then creatively collaborate with others for mutual benefit and enjoyment. 

This platform will set out to produce a community of interest, where those registering can float ideas and generate a collective voice that is original, indigenous, participatory, self determined and responsive to individual and collective needs. In it, creativity, artistic expression and learning are promoted; through it, contributors become engaged and empowered; by it, the issues of isolation and mental wellbeing brought on by the Covid pandemic, are recognised and dealt with through befriending, inclusion, companionship and sharing. 

www.PTArtsCafe.co.uk seeks to provide a structured mix of creative activities from a variety of sources including: individuals working independently, volunteers, local organisations and tutor, teaching and instructor led groups. Its ambition is to foster the rich seam of ability and encourage artistic expression by providing a virtual exhibition space for local talent to showcase their ability and skill, while offering help, guidance, instruction, tips and lessons on how they and others can develop and improve. 

Ultimately, as lockdown restrictions are lifted, social distancing eased and life returns to semblances of normality, in an effort to further encourage community harmony, unity and cohesion, A2B CIC, in consultation and collaboration with local groups and civic leaders, will look to use the platform to organise a series of showcase events and exhibitions at various venues around Port Talbot, to further promote artistic talent and help generate much needed income for local businesses.

A2B Active Sport CIC (A2B CIC) is an independent, not-for-profit, Community Interest Company that works for the benefit of the residents of Neath Port Talbot and its surrounding communities.  It exists to inspire, enhance and present a greater range of high quality educational opportunities, physical activities, sporting options and artistic expression in response to the needs of the community, in order to create learning and participation pathways that lead to rich, healthy and rewarding lifestyles which can be pursued throughout adult life.  A2B CIC seeks to improve equality of opportunity by promoting skills development and supporting educational attainment particularly in the field of digital competency. In doing so, it aims to enhance employability and increase the life chances of all those that fall within our reach.  Our Core Values include a strong sense of community; the provision of opportunity, empowerment through education, the acquisition of skills, respect for all, care for the most vulnerable and the pursuit of quality in everything that we do.

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